Athena - Pilot

Athena is Kei's daughter, to the girlfriend he left behind when the Time/Space bomb went off. She was raised by her mother Tina and "uncle" Olsen. Olsen pushed her toward the military as she grew up and she eventually joined the Terram military, quickly becoming one of their top Nikick pilots. She is a very determined and agressive person, but not mean or cruel. She is rather unforgiving and scornful of Kei initially (the fact that he tried to kiss her when she first met him face to face didn't help), but as he matures and accepts what must be done, she begins to respect and care for him somewhat. She loves Olsen as an uncle and has a bit of a crush on him, but comes to love him. She is extremely surprised when he returns an admission of love of his own. Ironically before she knows who Kei is, she spends a lot of her time actively trying to blow him out of the sky at the behest of the Terram military.

Kei and Athena have a father/daughter chat
Athena and Kei
Athena vulnerable
Athena's vulnerable look

Athena somewhat irritated
Athena mad

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