Ishkick Command

Ishkick command front 3/4 view
Ishkick Command

The Ishkick Command is reserved for platoon leaders or higher. It is faster, more armored and far more heavily armed than the standard Ishkick. The Ishkick Command has two 20mm autocannons and a 90mm cannon slung under the cockpit, two 8-pack missile pods on the body, two 4-pack missile pods in the legs and a powerful, but slow firing, plasma weapon in the body. The Ishkick Command also has a grapple built into the body, right below the left missile pod. With the right pilot, the Ishkick Command can be a deadly opponent.

Front View
Ishkick command front view
Ishkick grapple
Grapple unit

Rear View
Rear view
Side view
Side View

Firing weapons
Command units firing

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