Jaby is a dinosauroid creature from an alternate Earth where dinosaurs achieved sentience and became the dominent species. Jaby is a gentle, poetic soul who simply longs to go back to his own world and see his people again. He is a romantic at heart and had multiple girlfriends at home. This and the fact that he is one of the only ones of his kind brings him and Kei together, as they both feel like outsiders in the Orguss world. Jaby and Kei spend many a lazy day laying out on the deck of the Glomar, trading stories, discussing life and talking about their problems. It is Jaby who names Kei's new mecha the Orguss, after his peoples' god of war. Jaby often performs at markets the Emaan hold, breathing fire. He really can't breathe fire naturally, he does it through the use of special equipment. He uses it at one point to frighten off a group of barbaric, stone-age humans attacking the Glomar. For some reason, Jaby is sensitive to shifts in the dimensional field and can tell when a dimensional rift is about to open nearby. His tail stiffens and sticks straight up in the air when this is minutes away from happening. This ability has saved the crew of the Glomar on more than one occasion, and the Emaan consider Jaby a bit of a good luck charm and allow him to live on the Glomar because of that.

Jaby and his dimensional shift warning tail
Jaby's tail points up, sign of an imminent dimensional rift opening Jaby breathing fire
Jaby's fire breathing routine

Jaby and one of his girlfriends from his home
Jaby and his girlfriend from home

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