Kei with helmet on

Kei Katsuragi is the main young anime hero of Orguss. He finds himself thrust into the Orguss world after being at ground zero of the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb detonation. Kei is a classic young hothead pilot, quick to anger, self-assured and a bit full of himself. He is reckless at first, throwing himself and his Bronco fighter into combat with the Terram and nearly killing himself, and totalling his Bronco, by flying up into the dimensional barrier in a futile attempt to find his way home. Only after Leegh turns the remains of his Bronco into the formidable Orguss mecha, does Kei find himself a purpose: to protect his new found friends while heading back toward Emaan territory to find a solution to his dilemma. Kei warms up to most of the crew eventually, Jaby in particular, since they are both alone (so they believe) in this strange world. Mome, the android that Kei buys at a market, also comes to mean quite a bit to him although he never admits it until she is gone. His relationship with Mimsy is a classic love/hate relationship, though love eventually wins out. He isn't too fond of Sray, but comes to respect him after the sacrifice he makes to save the Glomar. Kei matures throughout the series, losing some of his quick temper, and accepting what he must do to restore Earth's dimensions to their proper places.

Kei guarding the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb
Kei in Bronco flying with S/T bomb
Kei kissing Mimsy
Kei making a memorable first impression

Kei trying to make a better second impression
Kei chatting with the Emaan
Kei staring at Mimsy's posterior
Hanging out with Mimsy

One of those "hate" moments
Kei chilling Mimsy with cold sodas
Kei and Mimsy watching the sun set
After a while, when they're getting along better

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