Leegh instructing Terram scientists

Leegh is the man. He's the Glomar's mecha technical wizard and all-around genius. Leegh built all the M-Lovers that the crew of the Glomar use and built the mighty Orguss mecha from the blasted remains of Kei's Bronco fighter. Leegh also figures out Kei's connection to the dimensional effect and how to block the Terram from tracking Kei, at least for a while. And it's Leegh that helps the Terram perfect their Tokuiten capsule that takes Kei and Olsen up the Orbital Elevator and safely through the dimensional barrier to restore all the realities. When he's not fixing or inventing something, Leegh hits the courts in the Emaan version of tennis. While initially somewhat unsure of Kei at first, Leegh throws his full support behind him when he intends to fix the dimensional effect.

Leegh and Sray hit the courts with Kei and Mimsy
Leegh and Sray in doubles against Kei and Mimsy

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