Mimsy is the darling of Orguss, Kei and Sray's love interest and general kawai-chan of the series. Mimsy is fairly unsure person, at least to start with. She is older than Maaie and Lieea, but still fairly young - not quite 18. She is intended to Sray, but is not ready to settle down, get married and have kids. So when Kei comes blundering right into the middle of this situation, things really get wierd for Mimsy. She really cares for Sray, but just doesn't know if she loves him enough to marry him. She is really attracted to Kei, but doesn't like his attitude and overwhelming self confidence (at first). Add to that the fact that Emaan who don't marry (I think this means - still a virgin, IMO) by age 18 become unable to have children, and you have one seriously stressed-out Mimsy. After Sray's sacrificial death, Mimsy matures quite a bit and makes her decision to be with Kei, but for most of the series she tends to be petulant and a little whiney. She also (unbelievably almost) has a bit of a jealosy complex about Kei and Mome, although they come to terms eventually.

Mimsy avoiding Sray
Mimsy sitting on deck with Sray standing behind her
Mimsy looking dumbfounded
Mimsy's surprised look

Angry at Kei, again
Mimsy looking angry
Mimsy getting some thruster wash
Ducking the thruster wash

Trying to talk Kei out of doing something dumb
Trying to talk Kei out of flying into the barrier
Mimsy and Kei hauling ass on a cycle
Hauling ass on an Emaan grav cycle

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