MBG-24C Nikick

Humanoid front view
Humanoid front view

The Nikick is the elite Terram mecha. Fast, well armed and armored, it serves as the primary air combat mecha for the Terram. Nikick pilots are regarded as the best pilots in the Terram military. Nikicks can transform between soldier mode, GERWALK mode and fighter mode. In fighter mode, the legs of the Nikick fold up to become its wings. The Nikick can carry up to 8 heavy missiles on each leg/wing, mounts two beam guns in the torso and generally carries either a handheld plasma blaster or triple-barreled rapid-fire beam gun.

The statistics of the Nikick in Gerwalk mode (from the Takatoku toy box) are:

					Height: 9.0m
					 Width: 6.3m
					Length: 3.4m
					Weight: 37.05 tons
				  Main Engines: FF-2062W x 2
				      Armament: PBB-227 Beam Gun x 1
						PBB-196 Beam Gun x 2

Humanoid Rear View
Humanoid rear view
Gerwalk front viewGerwalk rear view
Gerwalk Front and Rear Views

Fighter Front View
Fighter front view
Fighter rear view
Fighter Rear View

Firing tri-barrel gun
Nikick firing cannon
Nikick gerwalk
Nikick Gerwalk

Transformation Sequence
Transformation sequence

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