Olsen wearing his cool-guy sunglasses

Olsen is Kei's friend and wingman at the beginning of Orguss. The detonation of the Space/Time bomb also throws Olsen into the Orguss world, but years before Kei arrives. Olsen just naturally falls in with the Terram, since their structure is just like the military he was in at the time. He works with them, all the while keeping an eye out for any sign of Kei. He knows all along that he is somehow an important part of what's going on - the Terram know it too, and grant him leave at times when they would really come down on anyone else. After Kei arrives, Olsen abandons his Terram rank and joins with Kei and the crew of the Glomar. Olsen seems much more mature than Kei, probably due to his years with the Terram military. He likes Kei, but knows his weaknesses all too well, and tries to help prod him along whenever necessary. He met Kei's girlfriend, Tina, in the Orguss world, and helped raise her and Kei's daughter Athena after Tina dies (somewhat early in her life, whether from disease, Mu attack or some effect of the Orguss world is never made clear). He and Athena have a kind of uncle/niece relationship. She has a crush on Olsen that blossoms into love. While surprised by her admission of love, she is just as surprised when he returns the sentiment. Olsen also fills the role of Kei's mentor when needed, but never stops being his friend.

Olsen in his snazzy Terram military uniform
Olsen climbing out of mecha
Olsen talking to Kei
Laying down the law with Kei

Calming Kei down on one of many occasions
Kei taking a swing at Olsen
In-cockpit shots of Kei, Olsen and Athena
The triangle of past and present: Kei, Olsen and Athena

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