Orguss front viewOrguss front 3/4 view
Orguss in Orgroid mode

The Orguss is a multi-transformable mecha made to function optimally in all combat situations. The Orguss can transform to Orgroid (humanoid mecha) mode, fighter mode, Gerwalk mode and Tank mode. Each mode has advantages and disadvantages, but the wide range of transform modes can cover all combat situations. The Orguss was named by Jaby, after his peoples' god of war, and was built by Leegh from the remains of Kei's Bronco fighter. The Orguss is armed with a projectile/missile gun early on and a beam weapon later. The tubes in the Orgroid arms are missile launchers. The Orguss has a Drifand propulsion system, which is the Emaan's anti-gravity drive system. Emaan mecha still use thrusters for additional speed, but the primary lift (and the light weight of their mecha) is from the Drifand grav system. Kei's original Orguss is also tricked out with extra electronics and more responsive control systems to match Kei's superb piloting skills.

The statistics of the Orguss in Orgroid mode (from the Takatoku toy box) are:

					Height: 8.7m
					 Width: 6.0m
					Length: 5.1m
					Weight: 6.7 tons
				  Main Engines: FF-2060CT x 2
				      Armament: Missile gun x 1, etc

The Orguss 2 is simply a mass-produced version of the original Orguss, minus the special gimmicks present on Kei's Orguss, and with a different head unit.

Orguss Gerwalk mode
Orguss Gerwalk mode
Orguss fighter mode
Orguss fighter mode

Orguss tank mode
Orguss tank mode
Orguss firing missiles
Firing arm missile racks

Orguss transformation sequences
Orguss transformation 1
Orguss transformation 2

Kicking an Ishkick (There's irony)
Orguss kicking Ishkick
Gerwalk mode
Gerwalk mode

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