Sray with Mimsy

Sray is a tragic character and, as with all the best tragic characters, you know he's going to die at some point - and Sray doesn't disappoint. Sray is intended to Mimsy at the beginning of the series, but the arrival of Kei throws a monkey wrench into those plans. Sray gets to be quite resentful of Kei, even though Kei and Mimsy fight like rabid weasals for most of the series. Mimsy is never too keen on marrying Sray, she's rather unsure of what she wants through most of the series. Sray makes several attempts to win her favor by doing dangerous things: running a Drifand Dee out to extend the range of the Glomar's jamming device, single-handedly attacking a barbarian who threatens Mimsy, and other somewhat rash things. When Sray finally realizes that Mimsy is in love with Kei, he doesn't take it too well. He does keep his promise to protect her though, which he fufills by ramming his Orguss 2 mecha into the bridge of an attacking ship, killing himself but destroying the ship and saving the Glomar. The perfect tragic end to his life.

Mimsy letting Sray have it
Sray arguing with Mimsy

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