Tai reprogrammed and feeling much better

Tai is a Mu missile soldier who is repaired and reprogrammed by Mome. He is a bit apathetic and over-confident, but Mome's reprogramming fixes some of that. Tai is unsure of what he should be doing until the day him and Mome follow other Mu back to their base via their dimensional teleport. Tai discovers that the other Mu wish to completely wipe out everything non-Mu, and don't care about anything non-Mu have done. They even destroy robots and androids that look human, because they remind the Mu of their former masters. When the Mu start hunting Mome, Tai makes his decision to abandon his "people" and return to his true friends, Kei and the Emaan. Tai and Mome also destroy the dimensional teleport after using it to make their escape, thus hindering the Mu greatly. Tai is a missile soldier and has two chest missile pods with 9 launch tubes each. He has multiple reloads for the missile pods in his chest. Tai goes into the Orbital Elevator with Kei and Olsen, and sacrifices himself to cover their ascent up the elevator (But Tai returns in the Orguss 2 OVA's as the Colonel - a promotion, since "Tai" is Japanese for "Lt."). In many ways, Tai is much like Kei and Jaby, an outsider who is only at home with his diverse group of friends.

Tai ready to kick ass and take names
Tai with his visor down and missile pods open Tai line art sketches
Tai - different views

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