The Glomar is an Emaan trading vessel. It is fairly good sized (see below), able to carry the M-Lovers and Drifand Dees in side bays, and the Orguss slung underneath on a launch catapault. The Glomar carries some anti-mecha guns, but no large weaponry - until Shaya reclaims the Hasai Cannon from the person she "rented" it to. With the Hasai Cannon onboard, the Glomar becomes a match for just about any other ship, as the Hasai Cannon is like a mini-Macross main gun. The Glomar is not just a ship, it is also a home for the Emaan onboard, with living quarters, a rec hall, dining room, bath, private bedroom (for daliances, normally Emaan of the same sex all sleep together in one room) and repair facilities.

Glomar landed
Glomar various views
Various views including scale

Firing the Hasai Cannon
Glomar firing the Hasai Cannon

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