M-Lover Maaie version
M-Lover, Maaie version

The M-Lovers are basic Emaan mecha used for work and defense. M-Lovers use the Emaan Drifand grav propulsion system and don't have legs as a result. Maaie's M-Lover is armed with a Beam Gatling and missile pods in the arms, while Lieea's M-Lover mounts a Beam Cannon and missile pods in the arms also. While fast and maneuverable, they aren't really durable. But Maaie and Lieea stick with their M-Lovers throughout the series, out of preference I guess.

M-Lover, Lieea version
M-Lover  version
M-Lover Lieea rear view
M-Lover Lieea rear view

M-Lover Maaie, arms out
M-Lover Maaie with arms out
Kei in M-Lover Lieea
Kei flying Lieea's M-Lover

Maaie's M-Lover being repaired
Mome and Sray repairing Maaie's M-Lover

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