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The Mu are the true bad guys of Orguss. They are a race of robots who were created to serve, but turned against and wiped out their creators. They believe themselves to be the only worthy sentient beings, and seek to wipe out all organic sentients. There are several forms of Mu: Leader type, Missile soldier, Assault soldier and many more. The Missile and Assault soldiers are the most common. The Mu are more technically advanced then even the Emaan, and can pack lots of firepower into their small forms. Missile soldiers typically pack two 9-pack missile pods in their torsos. Assault soldiers carry an array of beam weapons in their arms and torso. The Mu travel via a dimensional teleport device of their own making, allowing them to literally pop up anywhere at any time. Luckily this device is destroyed by Tai and Mome, severely hindering further Mu aggression. To make matters worse, the remains of the Orbital Elevator is smack dab in the middle of Mu territory. Nothing is ever easy in anime.

Ready to attack
Ready to attack
Mu attack
A Mu attack

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